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TelTape for Windows

Time is Money - Information is Power

You’ve heard it before and TelTape for Windows gives you both. Reliably.

TelTape for Windows is a flexible, easy-to-use tape utility for Windows, which uses a graphical user interface, support for SCSI and fibre channel drives and message logging.

Time - Save It

  • Certify tape media for quality, on site - Specialized equipment not needed
  • Browse the tape media directly using Windows - Avoid loading data to disk
  • Automatic scanning for tape drives on your system - You don’t have to look for them
  • Automatically creates system logs for your analysis
    • No need for you to keep track
    • Real-time stats displayed while commands run
  • High performance operation - ID damaged tapes in as little as a minute and a half
  • Point & Click - Select your tape drive, display menus
  • Operate multiple drives simultaneously - Manage processes involving thousands of tapes


Information – Access it, Protect it

  • Map contents of unknown tapes
  • Securely erase confidential data
  • Check for data readability
  • Tape certification “scoreboard”
  • Display data in both ASCII and EBCDIC character sets

TelTape for Windows requires

  • Windows 2000, 2003 or XP operating system
  • One or more SCSI or fibre channel host bus adapters
  • One or more SCSI or fibre channel tape drives
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TelTape for Windows is an affordable, cost effective product that opens up a new world of possibilities for storage administrators, tape media suppliers, tape librarians and operators:

  • Securely resell used media
  • Ensure media meets the highest quality standard
  • Run on Windows 2000, 2003, and XP
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