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Tape Migration

Your End-to-End Solution

Tape migration is at the core of Cartagena’s business. When you trust your tape migration project to Cartagena, you get an unmatched combination:

  • Expertise – Your Cartagena representative is trained and qualified to do your migration
  • Experience – Decades of storage vendor experience
  • Reliability – Your migration is not done until you say so
    • Migration Project Scope – Before your migration begins, Cartagena evaluates the project, assesses your needs and prepares a project plan
    • Software Installation & Customization – Install and customize Cartagena’s exclusive TelTape for z/OS migration utility to the specifications of your project
    • Project Execution – On-going migration monitoring, appraisal and adjustment
    • Project Assessment – Reporting and verification of the complete and secure migration of your data

Migration Projects

Your Cartagena TelTape for z/OS solution supports data migration from and to a wide range of tape formats and VTLs
  • Reels, 3480, 3490 to STK VSM
  • 3490 to IBM VTS
  • Old VTS to New VTS (TS7700)
  • 3590 to 9840
  • 3590 to 3592
  • VTS to VSM
  • VSM to VTS


A Flexible Solution - Cartagena will assist your IT staff or work independently, depending on your migration needs and you have the option of purchasing or renting your TelTape license.

Regardless of the parameters of your project, your workflow is important and we take every precaution to minimize disruption to your operations.

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